Friday, July 18, 2008

More Art ...

Today we're looking at this sculpture inside the Crooked Tree Art Center. It is carved out of one piece of basswood by the artist Bill Duley, and it is amazing. It is called "Trapper in the Land of the Crooked Tree". Only the bow is not carved out of the original piece of wood, and the basket and snowshoes are intricately laced, each of which took two weeks to complete. The entire sculpture took a year to complete, from full scale drawings to carving to the final staining.

Underneath the sculpture, there is a quote saying:'
He who works with his hands is a laborer,
He who works with his head and hands is a craftsman,
And he who works with his head, hands, and heart is an artist.


Kelly said...

Loved reading your post as much as seeing the photo!

Petrea said...

Nice post, Christie. I love the quote.

Jax2 said...

My Uncle Bill carved this. He is an amazing artist who has created numerous pieces of all shapes and sizes, including a full sized horse which is truly beyond words. I could only dream of having a fraction of his talent.

Thanks Uncle Bill!

Aaron T.