Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Geese are not always Golden.

There was a huge flock of geese down at the waterfront. I have to say they made a really, really, really big mess. You had to watch where you walked, and do so very carefully, but thankfully it was only in one small section of the open space. They are quite skittish, so I was glad to get this close to get a picture. Someone there was playing frisbee with their dog and everytime the dog came near, the geese would go out a little farther into the water. It is quite unusual to see geese here at this time of year, they are usually much farther north by now, but it has been a cool summer, so they are sticking around here.

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Harry Makertia said...

Christie, you're lucky having those wild geeses around your city. Can you send some to my city?