Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crooked Tree Art Center -- Totem

Right outside the door of the Crooked Tree Art Center sits this totem pole. The Art Center is a great place to explore, with visiting works of art in their two galleries, as well as permanent pieces and pieces for sale. The Art Center is not just about paintings and sculpture though, there are dance classes, music classes, art classes, and much more. The community theater is also in this building and our family has enjoyed performances several times. I think our favorite display of all time was the fabric forest. A forest of woven trees in every color you can imagine was hung in one of the galleries with a path through them. The lights were very dim and there was music playing in the background. I think we went to this display 3 times and the kids asked to go for months after it had moved to its next destination. Here is a link to see a tree--they are amazing!!

They also have different art related events throughout the year, tomorrow being the "D'Art for Art". If you want to learn more about that, check out this site:

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Kelly said...

A fabric forest sounds really neat! I think I would be begging to see it again too!