Friday, July 11, 2008

The Breakwall

The breakwall provides a calm area for the marina and the boats moored there. It is a great walk, although not recommended by the park service. You can see in the picture that there is a part that looks slightly, okay, a lot, different than the rest. That is because that part of the breakwall broke off and sank a few years ago. No one was hurt and people still walk out to the end. I haven't walked out on it in several years, but one day I'm going to go swimming off here--probably when I turn 40, just for fun! (Although technically, that's illegal. Shhh.. don't tell! I still have a few years to wait for that!)

In the winter, this whole area becomes covered with ice as the waves pound the left side and splash over. Last year, the whole lighthouse was encrusted with ice as well. Lots of wind will make interesting ice sculptures here.

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Photo Candy said...

I live over near Alpena, but I was over that way a couple of weeks ago. My daughter and I walked out to the light and I was surprised to see a bunch of teenagers out there jumping off of it and swimming. It looks very beautiful in the winter with all of the ice on it..