Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bay View, Michigan

If you haven't heard of Bay View, you're not alone. It is a small community inside Petoskey, actually, they used to be separate, but Petoskey has grown up around it and it is still very much a separate area. It was a Methodist camp meeting area that began in the late 1800's. Cottages were built and over the years the cottages became bigger and were handed down through the generations. There are many that have not left their particular families. Some of the cottages are very beautiful. The center of life in Bay View is the auditorium, pictured here. There are concerts and music lessons going on every day. We went for a hike yesterday on one of the hiking trails and then relaxed at the park and playground in front of the auditorium. It was like having a mini concert as we heard a brass section playing and someone else practicing an aria. There is a lovely old Inn inside Bay View, the Terrace Inn, that is a lovely place to stay. Check back for a picture of that tomorrow!

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Petrea said...

This looks like a wonderful place. And that flag is huge!