Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome to the Library

They just moved the library about 5 years ago from an older building across the street. This is the new wing that was built. The new library is very nice and LARGE with 3 stories of space for books. The Children's section is where we spend most of our time and my kids love it. They love the computers and it is easy for them to find books. There is also a brick maze in the back that they have to do every time it is nice outside, but that's a picture for another time...Hope you enjoy your day and visit your local library!


Bettina said...

Your town looks so pretty, like something from a childrens book.
Yes I know the joy of a good library. I live only a two minutes walk from our library, and I spend a lot of time there.
BTW I think I'm GF (if you operate with that ? Please say YES!)

Christie said...

Definitely, you are the GF, Bettina!

I do love our town, they are doing some road "improvements" downtown right now, so it is a little messy, but when things are back to normal I'm sure I'll have lots of great photos to share.

Have a great day!

Kim said...

Very nice structure. Don't you just love library days?! I bet the city utilizes it well.
Seattle Daily Photo

PS, many of us have turned off word verification because it was making it difficult for those who visit many blogs each day to leave comments in a timely manner. Very little to no spam comes through the comments sections, so you might consider joining us. -K.

Leans said...

Very nice building. I like the style. And the picture is great. Salutes