Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The daffodils are blooming!

We do live quite far north, and the daffodils just started blooming about 2 weeks ago. These are part of a reclaimed spot in town near the waterfront that the Petoskey Garden Club renovated a few years ago. It was just a wasteland of rocks and dirt when they brought in good soil, then planted grass and 5,000 daffodils. Drivers on the main highway that goes through Petoskey along the waterfront now have something lovely to look at--daffodils on one side, the beautiful Little Traverse Bay on the other.


Eric Tenin said...

Hey Christina, congratulations on your new blog. I hope you will enjoy posting daily about Petoskey as much as I enjoy posting about Paris ;)

MmeBenaut said...

Hello Christie, let me echo Eric's congratulations. You no doubt no my beautiful husband, Monsieur Benaut from PDP. He encouraged me to start my own blog recently too. I've been posting for about a month now although as a private blogger, not part of the daily photo network. Still, I do visit many of the daily photo blogs too and I've seen your photo on many of them.
So, good luck. Petoskey looks lovely and those are the best daffodils I've ever seen.

Bettina said...

Christie this photo is beautiful. My favourite flowers are tulips and daffodils, and your photo makes me wish to go out and collect a bunch.

Denton said...

Christie, your link has been added to the new improved DailyPhotoMap which shows your current thumbnail and a gallery of previously posted thumbnails.

Hopefully the map will encourage visitors to drop by and enjoy your photos.

Thank you for being the first to register on the beta of our DailyPhotoMap software.

fluffnflowers said...

What a terrific project! I love the idea of restoring (or building) areas to their potential. Once the daffies are completely naturalized, it'll look even more spectacular.