Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Seagulls are back!

Meet our summer garbage crew. They come back every spring, clamoring loudly that you should share your picnic lunch with them. I have even seen them steal food off a picnic table while people are sitting there. When there are only 2 or 3, people think it is fine to feed them because they are so cute and there are only a few of them. Little do they know that once word gets around (in as little as 30 seconds) the air will soon be filled with dozens of them all screaming for their fair share. There does seem to be a pecking order among them as well. Maybe it is just territorial, but the squawking bird in the middle of the photo was not happy with the others and was basically telling them to shove off. Just a part of the summer adventure near the lake. So, if you're here and eating, make sure you don't leave anything laying around; it won't be there when you get back!


Kelly said...

I think I know where they go when they are not there...we seem to have them here all year long! Great "S" post for today!

Around the World said...

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Anonymous said...

Birds of all kinds learn how to survive by watching those who are most successful. I guess the birds must have watched people. Nice post. Interesting.

Petrea said...

There's a restaurant on the Pacific Coast where Sunset Blvd. ends. You should see the seagulls there! You're right, word gets around.