Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Petoskey Landmark...

Welcome to a great Petoskey landmark: American Spoon Foods! This is one of THE places that you have to visit when you come to Petoskey. Their kitchens are right here in Petoskey, so all these wonderful things are made right here with as much local produce as they can find. They have a wide assortment of lovely jams, jellies, and savory sauces, as well as salsas and other delectable delights. Above is a picture of the tasting table, set up so you can see which of their yummy creations you like before you buy it! I absolutely love a few things, and others are just plain great! I love their Strawberry Butter, the Marionberry Butter, and the Maple Cream, not to mention their Lime Curd. Oh, and don't forget the Cherry Peach Salsa! My hubby likes the Blueberry-Lime combination and my daughter loves the Vanilla Curd. (We shop here quite a bit.) The Cherry Poppers are a really fun way to enjoy local cherries. Anything here is a perfect Petoskey gift for friends and family at Christmas time as well!

Check out their website at:

PS. They ship all over the world!


Kelly said...

Looks yummy! Would they mind if I sampled an entire jar?

Christie said...

A whole jar? Maybe. But if you just try a sample of each jar, it might add up to a whole jar by the time you were done! They have such yumm-o things!