Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bagels! (Or Bay-Gulls if you prefer)

Since we live on a bay instead of the sea, we prefer to call these birds baygulls. There are plenty of them in the summertime to squawk and make noise and clean up the messes that people leave sometimes. You do have to watch when you're eating outside by the bay that you don't share food with them until you're almost done--otherwise they let their buddies know that there is food to be had and they can get a party started in a matter of minutes! We've seen times when there are two of them and within a few minutes, there can be 30-50 that fly in for free snacks. Personally, I always like it when there are big crowds of them in the spring; it means warm weather is finally coming back!!


Kelly said...

It reminds me of the scene in
"Finding Nemo" - "mine, mine, mine, mine"

Nice shot!

Anonymous said...

What a good shot! I like the name!! My first thought was gosh I dont think those type of "bagels" will taste good!! have a great day