Monday, June 30, 2008

What a gorgeous weekend!

It was a great weekend and my family came down to the waterfront a few times, we played bocce ball on the green here and had so much fun! It is a great place to play, to fly kites, or just hang out on a blanket with a picnic lunch. If you don't want to go the blanket route, there is a picnic pavilion with tables just to the right near where the river flows into the bay. Come check out the best picnic spot in Michigan!


Kelly said...

A perfect summer day!

Rose said...

I need a day like this!

Steven said...

Ok. You win. After seeing your photos for several days, I finally subscribed to your blog. I was born in Petoskey, have family in Petoskey, passed and present, my wife and I visit a lot, we love The Perry, and the Parkside Grille, and long for Petoskey. Thanks for feeding my addiction. :)
Steven Price