Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Lilac Time!

Here in Northern Michigan, it seems that we know where we are in the year by when things are blooming. Months and seasons really don't make sense because the weather often will not correlate to the calendar. So, we mark seasons of change by what is blooming at the moment. And now, it is lilac time. They are so beautiful and fragrant, I wish everyone had smell-a-puters. Lilacs thrive in this climate and we have hundreds in town. Nearby Mackinac Island will hold its annual Lilac Festival in about 2 or 3 weeks and celebrate everything lilac. Join us sometime to celebrate this lovely flower!


TOG said...

I remember lilacs from college up north. Now I forget names every so often, but I will never forget the fragrance of a lilac. Nice to see a double one, Atlanta only had the single types. For me Atlanta is north.

Kelly said...

I would bet these small fabulous!
I soooo owe you an email. I am just not at my pc for any length of time to do it without trying to finish up something I need to get done by tomorrow. I promise one soon!