Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day and this is where my husband wanted to come, American Spoon Foods Gelato Cafe. Spoon Foods is a local industry that makes and ships awesome jams, jellies, and condiments from locally grown or wild produce. They have won multiple awards for so many products and at each store they have a tasting room--Yum! Here in Petoskey there is also a cafe where they use their products in the menu offerings. They also make gelato and sorbetto in the Italian style. I've heard it described as the taste of a whole bowl of ice cream condensed into a teaspoon. Each flavor is intense and so good! My faves include combinations such as burnt caramel and chocolate, lime and marionberry, and pineapple and blood orange. It is one of our favorite treat spots downtown and conveniently has a park right outside where our kids love to play hide and seek. Not that there is anything to hide behind besides a few large trees, but they have fun anyway.

Check out American Spoon Foods website at: I highly recommend any of their products!


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This looks terrific! I am sure your husband had a very happy Father's Day!