Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gelato at Night

One of our favorite places to go in the evenings is the Gelato Cafe to get a treat. There are so many different flavor combinations that variety seems endless. But then again, we all have our favorites. My son loves Blood Orange sorbetto. My daughter, Chocolate gelato. I waffle between sorbetto flavors of Lime and Marionberry (similar to a black sweet raspberry) and gelato flavors of Chocolate and Burnt Caramel. Although I do go out on a limb and have something different once in a while, like Hazelnut Stracciatella or Eggnog with the Chocolate. My hubby likes the Chocolate and Peppermint gelato and sometimes dabbles in the sorbetto flavors as well. There is always some new flavor to try there, but usually they use whatever fruit is in season, so if you want Pineapple in January (as I did after my son was born--craving!) you are out of luck! But visit and see what your favorite flavor combination is!!