Friday, August 7, 2009

Bear with Me

I do love watching the Bear River downtown. It is a very relaxing place to hang out and doesn't usually get too noisy except when the salmon are running and there are a lot of fisherman here. A quiet, green place with water is a great place to read a book. A century ago though, this was a very different place. There were at least 3 different mills on this section of the river and 3 different dams to create energy. It was a busy place with lots of workers and industry. In fact, if you walk the trail along the side of the river, you can still see remnants of walls and pipes coming out of the ground here and there. What a difference a century makes!


CrazyBunnyLady said...

Looks great.

DanTheMan said...

And it is not easy to find those remnants either! I do like that walk on both sides of the river. It seems hidden now in the middle of town.