Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lots of Snow!

Some of the houses in Bay Harbor are really fun. They are brightly colored and in the summer, there is a beautiful bay to look at out the windows. I especially love how all the colors are the same hue, so nothing is jarring to look at. The houses are expensive, and most of them are only summer or vacation homes. When the lots between the bay and their lake/marina were being sold, they were priced at $1 million each. That was just for the lot. Yep, a little out of my price range. But a very nice place to go and visit.


lynn said...

Oh my gosh this looks divine! Almost unreal. Love the coloured houses and wow all that snowwwwww - just gorgeous Christie. Thanks for indulging me!

lynn said...

By the way I am forecast 8 inches tonight. Er... perhaps I should rephrase. Snow. Quite a lot of it. Fingers crossed! lol.