Friday, February 27, 2009

Julienne Tomatoes

They're right! They do make great food. One of my favorites is their Grilled Honey Ham and Brie sandwich. So yummy. The inventive name is a combination of its owners: Julie Adams and Tom Sheffler. Located right downtown on Howard Street, they use as many local ingredients as they can, buying locally grown food and working with Northern Michigan food suppliers. My husband's only complaint is that they only have his favorite soup once a week! He would like to start a "Make Tomato Gorgonzola More than Once a Week" Club. Check out more about them at:


B Squared said...

You are giving us all kinds of great places to try this summer. Thanks!

MJ said...

Clever and delicious! We have a friend named Juli who loves to cook & we've nick-named her Julienne Beets :-)