Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mending Fences

You might think that this is a problem, but it really isn't. The shorter parts of the fence are the actual fence--the taller parts are just snow! This gives new meaning to the phrase "snow fence"!


lynn said...

Ooooh Christie isn't this gorgeous? You could make this into a card. It would be so attractive. Are you cut off?

Christie said...

Thankfully, I get to stay home today, but I'll have to get out tomorrow. We have over 18 inches of snow right now, but they plow every time it snows around here, which usually means almost every day. We are under a storm warning from now until tomorrow night, so we will probably get a bunch more. It is so unusual to have it this early! Snow like this comes in January and February often, but this much snow in early December is quite odd. But the nearby ski hills are so happy!!