Monday, November 3, 2008

A Last Look

The pumpkin season is about over. We had lots of fun carving our pumpkins last week as well as making salted pumpkin seeds!! I think they turned out well this year. This is probably the last week for them as the weather turned so warm that they are starting to mold! (Not a problem we've ever had before, I assure you!) But I am NOT complaining. I can stand a few more days without breaking out my winter coat and gloves. I even enjoyed my hammock for a little while this afternoon! Enjoy the day wherever you are!


Kelly said...

The family that carves together...

: )

Love your pumpkins, Christie! They look warmer than the other shot you had of them in the snow!

Petrea said...

Hi Christie,
I've been thinking about your comment on PDP about being undecided. You may have already voted, but maybe this will help.

I felt the same way during the primary. What helped me was to think about each candidate and how I would feel about voting for them AFTER I left the booth. Kind of like a visualization about my future feelings. It helped me make my choice. Maybe it will help you. Have a great day!

Christie said...

I did vote and I made my choice in the booth, but I really didn't want to vote for either of the two main party choices. I did vote for one of them, but wish I had voted for one of the third party representatives. I hate the "either - or", especially when you don't want either one! But I guess if there was a three or more party system, we'd complain it wasn't simple enough.

Petrea said...

I know that feeling, Christie. I've voted for third party candidates in the past, knowing they couldn't win but still feeling unable to vote for either the Republican or the Democrat. I hope it comforts you to think of America's political climate as a cycle that constantly changes.

You might enjoy the comments on USElaine's blog today. Laurie of South Pasadena had some interesting things to say.