Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween was Fun!

We go to a care facility in across the bay to go trick-or-treating every year and this year not only the kids had fun dressing up. My hubby and I dressed up like a king and queen, while my daughter was a hula dancer and my son was his version of Batman. It was fun and they came home with lots of candy. (Thankfully, they don't care for chocolate too much, so mom and dad get to share as well!) It has been a busy week with 2 birthdays in my family, as well as Halloween. Hopefully things will be quieter next week!


lynn said...

he he what fun this looks!

Christie - you won my caption competition! Your wit made me laugh so much. Pop over to see the others; all were good but yours tipped the balance x

Kelly said...

You look quite royal!