Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Series on the Sun

I know I've posted a lot of photos of the sun lately, but snow pictures get tiring after a while! This was the afternoon sun today with some interesting clouds as well. I enjoy seeing the sun, hope you do too! (And will someone, somewhere enjoy some warm weather for me? Thanks!)


Sterl the Pearl's Daily Pics of Boulder said...

very interesting shot

Bettina said...

This is a fantastic photo. It looks like something from out of space, LOL :-D

lynn said...

Very pretty but I adore your snow pics too! I do feel quite silly being excited about my UK snow but hey - I'm still jumping around in it, all 2" of it.

I looked back at the snow king post. Goodness. Is not it quite fearful, dear Christie, with some risk attached. Perchance that someone may disappear inside the snow drift? Heavens above, what a thought. I need my smelling salts.
Oh yes I'm still wallowing in Jane Austen and have just started Northanger Abbey - which I've never read before!!!