Tuesday, October 7, 2008

..And the Rest of the Wheelway Mural

After the wooden wheelway, came the railroad that wound around the coastline, providing great views for the passengers. Next, came the area around the waterfall that was beautified and the wheelway (now a bicycle path again) is a great place to go for family fun. The Present is the last part of the wheelway. The Bay Harbor Tunnel (which I have yet to go through) connects Petoskey with points west, including Bay Harbor and Charlevoix. If you rode the length of the wheelway, it is about 25 miles or so from Charlevoix to Harbor Springs, mostly along the bay or Lake Michigan. I have heard that there is a man and his wife who ride it every day--during the non-snow season, of course! (which lasts about 7 months usually)

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Petrea said...

This is quite a mural! Great history, too. I always love history.